Garment Purchase - Once scanned at any of our scanner locations, our customers will be able to log in to our web site with their personal ID number. They can then shop at any retailer utilizing our service in our storefront marketplace for an interactive personalized experience. Any designer, manufacturer, or retailer who used our 2D or 3D Workstations would be included in our database and their garments available for purchase through our website, either as a custom-fitted made-to-order garment, or as a mass-produced garment chosen as the closest fit to the individual based on known pattern variables.

True Visualization - Our scan data would offer the option of creating a realistic avatar of the individual as well as an accurate pattern for virtual try on. Consumers would be able to experience a realistic visualization of the garment on an image of their own body, better than looking in the mirror for a 360 degree view.

Virtual Closet - This application will keep track of all their purchases for easy referencing, as well as posting and sharing favorites with others.

Other potential features of our marketplace website include, among many others:

  • Blogs,
  • Articles,
  • Personal Shoppers and Stylists, as well as
  • News and Information on Fashion and Beauty